Who Should Register A Death?

Wherever possible near relative should register a death, however if you were there at the time of death or are in charge of making funeral arrangements you may be able to register the death. You should always discuss individual circumstances with your Funeral Director or Bereavement Services.

What You Need To Register A Death

• The medical certificate of cause of death (unless the coroner or procurator fiscal has issued their document directly to the registrar)
If you can your should also take with you:

  • • NHS card (also called the medical card)
  • • Birth certificate
  • • Driving licence
  • • Council tax bill
  • • Marriage or civil partnership certificate (if applicable)
  • • National Insurance number of the deceased and the number of a surviving spouse or civil partner.
  • • Passport
  • • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill)

What Information Will I Need?

The registrar will guide you through the process, they will ask you for the following information:

    • • Date and place of the death
    • • The address of the person
    • • Their full names (including the maiden name of a married woman). Any former married names or other names by which the deceased was known can also be recorded.
    • • Where and when they were born (the town or county is sufficient if the exact address is not known). Only the country of origin is required for people born outside the United Kingdom. The country is recorded according to its current name if this is different from how it was known at the date of birth.
    • • Their occupation
    • • Details of their wife or husband or civil partner
    • • Whether they had any government pension or other benefits

It is helpful if you can also take supporting documents that show your name and address (e.g. a utility bill), though you can still register a death without them.

Documents You Will Receive

When you register a death you will receive:

  • • a Certificate for Burial or Cremation (the ‘green form’) – gives permission for burial or an application for cremation, you will need to give this to the Funeral Director.
  • • a Certificate of Registration of Death.