Yes. Farewell Funerals is a small local family business started to serve our local community at  their time of need.
The death will need to be registered in the area where the death occurred, even if the death occurred a distance from home. If your loved one died in hospital then you will usually register the death at that hospital, if your loved on died at home you need to go to the local register office, contact details can be found in the ‘Useful Contact’ section. If you need any help organising this then our team will guide you through the process.
Deaths in England and Wales or Northern Ireland should be registered within 5 days – if this is not going to be possible, you should inform the Registrar. In Scotland, deaths must be registered within 8 days.
When a death which has been expected occurs at home or at a nursing home, the doctor who has been treating the deceased should be contacted. Provided the deceased has seen a the doctor during their final illness (within the previous 14 days) the doctor or a colleague will either attend to confirm that death has occurred, or will give permission for the deceased to be transferred to a funeral firm’s premises, if it is your wish for this to happen.
If a relative who has been a hospital in patient dies, the doctors who have been treating the deceased will usually be able to issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of death. Ask the ward staff or doctor what you need to do to collect this certificate.. Most hospitals will give family members the opportunity to sit with the deceased before transfer to a private room. The deceased will then be taken to the mortuary from where they will be collected and brought into our care.