If you have any questions about your loved-one's funeral arrangements, please feel free to give us a call.


However, here are some commonly asked questions with their answers which we hope will be of help.

Frequently Asked Questions


When should I contact a funeral director?

You can contact us here at Farewell Funerals at anytime after the death of a loved-one. But, if you want us to take the deceased to our chapel of rest you need to have a medical certificate.


When are medical certificates issued?

Medical certificates are normally issued at the hospital, or at home, very soon after death. If someone who has died at home hasn’t seen a doctor in the previous 14 days, the death will need to be reported to the coroner.


What happens if the coroner is informed?

The deceased can’t be moved to the funeral home until the coroner decides whether or not to carry out a post-mortem. If he decides nothing needs to be done the doctor can then issue a medical certificate and the deceased can be moved to the chapel of rest.

If a post-mortem is carried out the certificate will not be issued until the coroner has confirmed the cause of death. Once this is done a certificate can be issued. This might take days or a week or two.


When do I need to register a death?

You can register the death as soon as you have the medical certificate. If there hasn’t been a post-mortem you have 5 days in England and Wales and 8 days in Scotland.


Will Farewell Funerals help me with the arrangements?

Yes, we will advise and guide you as much as we can. If you tell us what type of funeral you want we will do our very best to make sure you get what you you want.


How much will the funeral cost me?


We offer three packages and a bespoke service. If you have a look at our packages page you will see the prices of a simple service, a traditional funeral and an eco burial, together with the costs of a cremation. If you want a tailor-made service we will give you a quote.