A direct cremation funeral allows you to give your loved one a cremation without being confined to having a committal service.

Funeral Services

  • 24 hour collection of deceased, and transfer to our chapel of rest (within 20 miles).
  • Care and preparation of the deceased.
  • A simple, veneered coffin with nameplate.
  • Transport to the crematorium in a suitable vehicle.
  • Cremation at a time we choose (This option does not include a funeral service).
  • Return of the cremated remains (ashes).


  • Crematorium Fees Included.
  • Doctor’s Fee Included.


Why Choose This Package?

Many people believe that a funeral should simply be the physical disposal of their remains. This packages allows you to choose to be cremated, without having a service at the same time. Some families prefer to have a memorial style service some time after a loved one has passed, and choose to have the cremated remains at the memorial, while other simply do not want the ‘fuss’ of a traditional funeral with a service.